Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Belated January Art Walk!


Artwork by Joseph Brooks

After !Snow-Muh-Gosh!  we are back up and running!! Thanks for hanging tight after our winter rescheduling of the art walk last week!! Come out and walk our favorite Seattle neighborhood on the 28th! Sorry for the inconvenience. Now for our regularly scheduled show…

Please welcome Zippy’s to the art walk!!! We are so excited to have their food and now their art filled walls in White Center. Come check ‘em out!

3.14 (9602 16th Ave SW): Larry Seward- Intricate line drawings that are reminiscent of tribal knots with Nordic roots. He takes his time creating well balanced compositions that keep your eye dodging around the piece until you realize you’ve already done four laps. Also- Pie on a stick….need I say more.

Big Al Brewing (9832 14th Avenue SW): Joseph Brooks This work is bright, brilliant and full of movement. Joey’s use of color and his manipulation of watercolor is amazing. He knows how to create a strong line in his work with the way he maneuvers color and bold, black lines. Come in and have a Chilly Willy Ale while you sort through his goods.

Café Rozella (9434 Delridge Way SW): Chris Cain  and Patrick Cosman Come check out new work at Café Rozella’s. Enjoy a delicious coffee beverage while you’re here!

Company (9608 16th SW): Deborah McCarroll- - Deborahs abstract paintings are deep in color and have a Mark Rothko feel abut them. I can only imagine how delicious they will look during Company’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY this Friday!! For details on how to celebrate with the folks over at Company- follow this Facebook link about the event.

 Dubsea (9910 8th Ave SW): Alina Gridley- Alina Gridley is a Burien-area artist who works in fused glass and metal clay. About a year ago Alina added printmaking to her repertoire creating linocuts and silkscreenings. Most of her work is based on her own photographs and reflects her love of nature and Pacific Northwest.

Dzul Tattoo (9622-B 16th Ave SW): Katie & Alex- Black & White Photography. Drop in for funky grooves and an eye-full of new body ink. Updated B&W photos of the newest generation of ink, dripping with permanence.  This shop has spirit and enough eye-candy to chew on for days.

Full Tilt Ice Cream (9629 16th Ave SW): Larry “The Front Desk Guy” Seward- He’s all over White Center this month!! Check him out at 3.14 as well! While you are in here you should eat some ice cream, throw some skee ball and have a Big Al Ube Porter- made especially---for you.

Herbal Legends-Medical Marijuana Dispensary (9619 16th Ave SW): Carlos Aguilar & Dave Ryan- Urban Paintings.  Love.His.Art. Carlos does detailed, whimsical paintings; fun characters in random settings. His work is amusing and playful but not slapped together. This guy has a tight reign on the quality of application. Multiple layers of texture for a 3-d feeling full of funhouses. Pop in for some music, a snack and some raw, unadulterated talent; this kids got gusto. Dave Ryan has some seriously awesome stenciling work that is applied directly (not indirectly) to some old vinyl. Love that.

Proletariat Pizza – (9622-A 16th Ave SW)- Lauren Olson-Bright, playful and dreamy. Come check out the large canvases that Lauren fills our favorite pizzaria with. If you haven’t yet, try the Ham & Egg Pie with Arugula, I have confirmed cases of it being life changing, just sayin…

Salvadorean Bakery (1719 SW Roxbury): Ann Kendall- Landscape Photography- bright colored floral pictures. So close you can smell ‘em.

THE FORGE: TILTON, BACADAN & MCCALLISTER (9052 Delridge Way)- Matthew Tilton –Forge, Eric Balaban-Fabrication. Also- they are looking forward to another exciting year.

Southgate Roller Rink (9646 17th Ave SW): SCULPTURES de ROLLER SKATES. Come on by to see Southgate Roller Rinks newest edition of sculptures- MADE ENTIRELY FROM OLD ROLLER SKATES. We have high hopes for this folks. Local artists have taken their smattering of old roller skates and turned them into works of art. Come on down to be a part of the newest installation in White Center. Fun would be an understatement.

Zippy’s Giant Burgers (9614 14th Ave SW): Erik Hoogan- Loud muralist seeks wall space—ohp! He found it…right here at my favorite burger joint. Eat. Delicious. Foods.

written by devrim ozkan

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