Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May White Center 3rd Saturday Art Walk

White Center 3rd Saturday Art Walk
May 15th, 2010
6:00 PM until 9:00 PM

Salvadorean Bakery (1719 SW Roxbury):
Marty Gordon - collage. Thruogh his art, Marty is asing questions, inviting debate and telling stories. Looking at one of his works is akin to piiking through a window into another world, a world where art, humor, faith, tension, and candidness life together in vignesstes of surreal commentary.

Dubsea Coffee (9910 8th Ave SW):
Jaime Temairik - paintings and drawings. The artist reception will be Sunday, May 16th from 2 until 4. Here is a note from the artist:
"Hey kids! I'll have some new paintings and drawings up mid-May to mid-July at my favorite cafe, Dubsea Coffee! How's about you and your fam join me for the opening party on Sunday afternoon, May 16th? There'll be snacks and an at activity and maybe even some boogie-ing."

Cafe Rozella (9434 Delridge Way SW): Unable to get the artists name, but please stop by...

Full Tilt Ice Cream (9629 16th Ave SW):
Richard Olmstead- drawings and prints. New works. This is good stuff. See last month's flier for the artist statement.

Proletariat Pizza (9622 16th Ave SW A):
Alexander King- photography.

Dzul Tattoo (9622 16th Ave SW B):
Dzul Family - Airbrush and Tattoo art.

Big Al Brewing (9832 14th Ave SW):
Phil Scroggs - paintings.

And, at 7:00 PM Big Al Brewing will host "Billy and the Bouncers, a DO NOT MISS local jazz combo!!

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